City hubs help distribute COVID-19 vaccine to New Yorkers

Over a dozen vaccination hubs are open across the city, with thousands of doses of the coronavirus vaccine freed up for New Yorkers to roll up their sleeves. 
The Bushwick School for Social Justice is one of the sites across the city. It set up social distancing markers on the floor and when people arrive, they show their QR codes--which are proof of their appointments. 
Canarsie is also one of 15 additional city-run vaccination sites open Thursday. This is something that was only possible because Gov. Andrew Cuomo freed up 18,000 doses of the shots Wednesday night. 
This all happening after a site in Washington Heights was discovered to be giving vaccines to suburbanites rather than New York City residents. 
"We're going to make sure those doses are used in the communities hardest hit by the coronavirus. This is the crucial issue to make sure that we're prioritizing the places hardest hit,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. 
Staff in Bushwick tell News 12 that despite concerns over language barriers, there were people on hand who could speak Spanish and some South Asian languages.