City leaders denounce violence against Muslims after letter goes viral

New York City leaders are spreading the word that violence will not be tolerated after a letter that went viral on social media declared Tuesday will be "Punish a Muslim Day."
The letter was originally sent to Muslim officials and different communities around England.
Muslim leaders say it wasn't sent to anyone specifically in Brooklyn, but they are taking it seriously. They stood with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams to address the community's concerns regarding the content of the letter. It details a point system for attacking Muslims in various ways -- 25 points to pull a head scarf off of a Muslim woman or 10 points for verbally abusing a Muslim.
"You actually have people that are putting in those GIFs like a nuke destroying the town, people are actually promoting it or supporting it," one Muslim leader said.
Officials urge the community to not be intimidated or fearful.
Adams and local organizations will visit mosques and businesses on Tuesday to offer suggestions on how to keep the community safe.