City officials say new plan to tackle rat issue could affect parking spaces

City officials announced a new plan that could further help deal with the city's rat issue, but at a cost.
Mayor Eric Adams introduced the new initiative Containerization, a new way of storing trash on the streets. The Department of Sanitation thinks the best way to get the rats under control is first getting trash under control.
Officials say the idea would be replacing the plastic bags and dumpsters with sealed containers out on the curbs. That way, rats can't get to the trash, and their food source is cut off.
The initial issue to this initiative is where to put them, according to officials. A Department of Sanitation study says that most of the outer boroughs could fit them without issue for the most part without losing more than 10% of parking spaces.
For other neighborhoods, mainly in Manhattan, up to a quarter of parking spots could get taken up by the containers.
News 12 asked people if they would sacrifice parking for less trash and rats. Answers were divided.