City organization gives updated layout of new Brooklyn jail

A new Brooklyn-based jail is coming to Boerum Hill. The city's Department of Design and Construction held its third workshop with community members at St. Francis College about the progress made.
The department also revealed updated design plans that it hopes to soon have in the works as it is calling for more feedback from the community.
Lead designers working closely with the department gave Brooklyn residents an inside and outside look at the new jail. The inside look included how cells are designed, recreation areas they plan on putting at the center of the building to respect the privacy of neighboring residents, and even a layout of the street-side view.
Ian Michaels, who works with Department of Design and Construction, says the current house of detention will be replaced with this new and more modern facility, which they want to make sure the community is comfortable with.
Dozens who live and work nearby broke off into sessions where they got to see the proposed plans up-close and give their input.
The new jail also has plans for a public plaza on Atlantic Avenue and Boerum Place. There are plans to connect the people in custody with the community through artistic opportunities.
The designers say they are on track to be finished with this project by 2029.