City plans to rezone in Bed-Stuy

Bedford-Stuyvesant is one of Brooklyn?s historic neighborhoods, but its image has been tarnished in recent years by a reputation of crime and tough streets. However, there has been resurgence in Bed-Stuy, with new buildings and businesses arriving every day. Many in the community are glad to see it, but the neighborhood known for its brownstones disapproves of the new visual styles being introduced. Local officials have responded by working to protect the area?s classic features.
The city has begun a public review of the proposed rezoning of over 200 blocks in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Community Board 3 looks to preserve the instantly recognizable neighborhood brownstone areas, while expanding affordable housing and business along both Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue. New buildings built along the Fulton Street commercial strip would be only a few stories taller than what is already in place, and 20 percent of the new housing placed above the shops will be kept affordable.
Officials with the city?s planning commission tell News 12 Brooklyn that this plan is only in its early stages, and the rezoning process will take five to six months.