City struggles to get migrant families into newly opened Floyd Bennett Field site

The city continues to face a growing migrant crisis, as some migrant families turned around after seeing the facility they were being told to stay in at Floyd Bennett Field. 
The first group of migrants arrived by bus to Floyd Bennett Field on Sunday, and said that once they went inside and saw the conditions they decided to leave. Some of those families told News 12 they do not feel comfortable raising their children in the facility, especially with how far it is from city schools. 
News 12 reached out to the mayor's office, who say that over 100,000 migrants have gone through the city's intake from spring 2022 until now. They add that over 60,000 migrants remain in their care as more are still arriving, and that options for shelters have run out. 
Sources with the mayor's office also tell News 12 that the migrants who decided to leave Floyd Bennett Field signed a release form and were given transportation off-site. Those migrants were made aware that there are no other options and that the shelter will remain available to them.