City Tech launches virtual escape room, offering 19 riddles and puzzles

City Tech TheatreWorks is changing up its haunted hotel and is going digital.
This year they made an escape room for family and friends to enjoy online.
Despite COVID-19, the frights continued for City Tech. They say this escape room won't be easy for the faint of heart and what makes it so unique is an actor can join on your timed journey to escape.
"We'll give you hints to the puzzle acting out the script and adding some ambiance to the experience that way,”says host Sibel Yalin.
Organizers say a typical year would bring about 6,000 people to their live event.
This year, they are hoping friends, students and family members can log in to celebrate their hard work.
"We have a graphics team that edited images for us. We broke into a props team. All the dishes you saw in the puzzles that we played were played by students and used as props,”says Ellie Mallard, artistic director.
The event launches Nov. 19 and groups will be able to tackle 19 riddles and puzzles.
Tickets can be purchased online on the City Tech website.