CityMD sees spike in long lines for COVID-19 testing due to mayor’s urgency of proactive testing

As infection rates are spiking in New York City and the mayor is warning people of a second wave, some testing sites are seeing longer lines.
Christina Cruz went through a complete nightmare Tuesday when she says she was sent to three different CityMDs.
“When I came at 6 p.m., they had told us they already had a cut off limit and weren’t taking any more patients, and they sent me to Westchester,” says Cruz.
She was told at those two other locations in Westchester and Riverdale that they were at full capacity for the day.
“They know that cases are rising, and I’m confident that they have the supplies,” says Cruz.
This morning at the CityMD in Parkchester people started to line up 30 minutes before opening time.
It was a similar situation at the CityMD in Westchester Square. Some were there to get a COVID-19 test, while others waited to be checked for other health matters.
Dina Kessler says when she’s Googled where to get tested, it automatically suggests one location.
“This CityMD always shows up and I went to a New York City health and hospitals but none of them were convenient,” says Kessler.
The city’s Health Department also has an online COVID-19 test site finder.
In a statement, CityMD acknowledged that patient visits have gone up and wait times might take longer in part saying, “Our teams are doing their very best to try and keep the lines moving. We’re proud of the role CityMD is playing in helping our region cope with COVID-19 and appreciate everyone’s patience.”