Civilian Complaint Review Board trial in NYPD shooting death of Kawaski Trawick resumes

The Civilian Complaint Review Board trial for the two NYPD officers involved in the death of Kawaski Trawick back in 2019 resumed Thursday.
Family, friends and advocates continue to demand justice for their loved one.
Supporters of Trawick say video from April 14, 2019, when the NYPD responded to a distress call, says it all. That day, the 32-year-old was Tased and fatally shot by two officers in his apartment.
The Justice Committee executive director Loyda Colon said a former officer testified that protocol was not followed.
"That expert said that Davis and Thompson's were inconsistent with their training and NYPD policy. That alone means that they should have been fired," Colon said. Trawick's mother, Ellen Trawick, said her son did not do anything wrong and that he just wanted the officers to leave.
"Kawaski wanted answers to why they were in his home. They refused to answer him," she said.
Advocates and elected officials said they want the officers fired because they trespassed and did not follow the proper procedures. They believe Trawick's death was avoidable.
"This is about accountability, this is about continuing to stand with the Trawick family, to ensure, to call on the mayor, to call on commissioner Sewell to fire these officers," said Bronx Council Member Pierina Sanchez.
A representative for the family told News 12 that the judge said this case is expected to be wrapped up by the end of the week.
The NYPD previously told News 12 that the two officers involved are still on active duty and that the discipline process is ongoing.