Climate activists weigh in as poor air quality conditions continue

The smoky haze caused from Canadian wildfires continues for a third day, bringing with it an unhealthy air quality level.
Climate activists say this is a sign that can't be ignored.
"It’s showing a lot of people that the climate crisis is here is here right now," said Brynn Fuller-Becker, climate organizer for 350 Brooklyn, a local chapter of a worldwide climate organization. " A lot of Brooklynites are seeing it,  if they feel it there smelling the impacts of climate change and we said they were before."
Brooklyn residents say they're still feeling the impact of the poor air quality in their day-to-day life.
"Whenever I put my mask down, I can smell it," said Victoria Norkin, a resident of Greenpoint. "I feel like I'm breathing in the carcinogens... I don't feel safe walking without a mask."
Health officials say the air index remains at an unhealthy level and recommend staying inside if you can.