Cobble Hill comedian creates music video about living life as a lesbian in Brooklyn

A local comedian is hoping to make a mark on the comedy scene with her latest video that discusses her life living as a lesbian in Brooklyn.
For a year and a half, Sophie Santos has been hosting her comedy show called "Lesbian Agenda" at Union Hall.

“There weren't many lesbian shows or at least hosted by lesbians for whatever reason,” says Santos.

The Cobble Hill comedian created a skit based off of interactions she had.

“My girlfriend and I kept getting mistaken for sisters, and as you know that's not what we want to be recognized as,” says Santos.

The skit evolved into a music video that was shot in Brooklyn.

“I wanted it to be where people can just go see it whenever they want versus just me performing it live," says Santos.
While Santos is making light of one of her life experiences, she says she is also making a statement.

“I like comedy that is subversive, so I like it where this is something that is true to me. The best way I know how to make a statement is to be funny,” says Santos.

She says there are more ideas in the works for future satire videos.