Comedian, LI native Jim Breuer cancels shows over COVID-19 policies at venues

Comedian and Long Island native Jim Breuer is canceling some of his upcoming shows over the COVID-19 policies at certain venues.
Breuer took to social media to announce canceled shows in New Jersey and Michigan because the theaters require that spectators either be immunized or show a negative COVID-19 test.
"I cannot perform these venues," says Breuer. "Due to segregation of them forcing people to show up with vaccinations, to prove you had a shot. I am absolutely not doing those shows."
Comic Patton Oswalt is canceling shows also but for a completely different reason. He has scrapped five shows because the theaters will not require vaccinations or negative tests.
"This difficult decision was made due to the rising numbers of COVID cases," says Oswalt. "And also because I have an ego, but my ego isn't big enough that I think people should die to hear my stupid comedy."
Vaccines are not currently required at indoor venues in Nassau and Suffolk counties.
James Dolce, of Governor's Comedy Club in Levittown, says he plans to follow that guidance unless it changes.
"The new governor if she mandates it, I'll be the first to say it's got to be a vaccinated show," says Dolce. "But for now, it's your body, your choice."
A spokesperson for the Paramount says Breuer is expected to come back to perform at the venue in 2022 but no specific dates have been announced. The Paramount has changed its policy now requiring patrons to either be vaccinated or have proof of a negative COVID-19 test.
The owner of Governor's says he has reached out to Breuer to ask him to perform at the venue.