Community advocate claims Borough Park yeshiva is being used as child care center, not school

A new executive order by Gov. Andrew Cuomo is letting the state withhold funding from schools violating COVID-19 restrictions.
The governor said he was sending letters to all schools in red zone areas to inform them they must close or risk the state withholding funds.
In parts of Borough Park, students have been seen getting on school buses and walking into buildings that appear to be schools.
Several people in the community told News 12 Thursday that the buildings are not schools, but rather are child care centers.
"There is a provision called the child care provision, which allows a school building to operate as a child care facility,” says Ezra Friedlander, community advocate.
Friedlander and the director of the yeshiva on the corner of 12th Avenue and 48th Street say it is in the state's executive order that child care is allowed.
"This is a working-class neighborhood so parents who have no choice but to ensure that their child is in a safe environment have taken that option,” says Friedlander.
Friedlander says he and others believe having the kids in school or child care is actually the safest option right now.
"It really doesn’t make sense, at the end of the day as good as intention as the policy are. A child is probably more safe in a setting that is under the -- of a professional with proper social distancing, mask wearing as opposed to running the streets,” says Friedlander.
When Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked about it in a news conference Thursday, he said there appears to be a gray area here and they are waiting on the state to clarify the rules when it comes to child care and what is happening in Borough Park.