Community calls for end of violence, more resources in wake of Prospect Lefferts Garden shooting

Community members gathered Friday to denounce violence after the loss of a 39-year-old who was shot and killed this past Sunday in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. 
At the rally, members of the Elite Learners Inc., along with dozens of community members and elected officials said they are simply calling for peace. 
“A man lost his life on this block a few nights ago, a brother is gone, a son is gone, a neighbor is gone and it’s OK to be hurt,” said Assembly member Diana Richardson. 
They say gun violence has gone on for far too long and that they will not tolerate violence, especially as the summer months are upon us. 
“We’re all affected. It's a trauma in our communities. Our young people are affected, our seniors are tired of hearing the shots... and even if you haven’t been directly hurt by someone who lost their lives to gun violence.. It's a trauma that we cannot afford to have in our communities anymore. Our families deserve better, and I demand we lay the guns down and really live peacefully,” said Elite Learners Inc. founder Camara Jackson. 
Community members tell News 12 they don’t want to see more policing in their neighborhoods. They are calling on the mayor and the city to pour allocated funding into resources from mental health services to youth services and to meet the community where they are.