Community faces challenges as Dyker Heights lights grow in scale

Thousands of visitors every year travel from all over to catch a glimpse of the dazzling holiday displays in Dyker Heights, but residents there say they are dealing with challenges as the festivity grows.
Some community members say they are concerned about car traffic clogging the streets and people dodging vehicles as they try to snap photos of the homes.
Others say the large crowds lead to a huge mess, littering and noise.
Neighbors admit that it takes more time for them to make it home during the holidays, but many say the trouble is worth it for the holiday cheer it brings.
Lucy Spata says that when she started decking out her home for the holidays in the 1980s, some neighbors she describes as "scrooges" wanted to stop the celebration. She wasn't deterred, and as word of mouth spread, the community began embracing the decorating until it grew into the attraction it is today.
Spata says she never anticipated the popularity of the neighborhood tradition, but she looks forward to it growing every year.
Some homes have opted to put donation and charity boxes out front to get visitors in the giving spirit.