Community members raise concerns about proposed Coney Island ferry stop

Officials and community members are raising concerns about the location of a proposed Coney Island ferry stop.
They say it doesn’t make sense for the ferry to dock at the proposed shoreline at Kaiser Park Pier, pointing out that putting a ferry at the location could exacerbate already bad summer traffic. 
They claim that they would not see the location as any more convenient than to drive or take the subway--even with a shuttle bus at the ferry stop. 
They are also concerned about the issue of the toxicity of the creek. 
Community members tell News 12 it would be too dangerous to risk the ferry kicking up whatever lies below the surface of the water. 
"I don't care what people say about a study. I'll tell you what my study is: common sense. and common sense tells me that toxic dredging where people live and children play, is lethal,” said Coney Island native Michael Quinn. 
News 12 received a response from the New York City Economic Development Corporation, which conducted a long evaluation in 2018, to figure out where they would put the ferry stop. 
They tell News 12 that a ferry landing on the ocean side of Coney Island is not feasible because of reasons like stronger current and cost.