Community members sound off on apartment warehousing practice

Members of the Williamsburg community are up in arms about a practice that they say is disrupting their neighborhood’s quality of life.  
Ralliers are sounding the alarm against the practice of apartment warehousing. They say landlords are holding apartments hostage and abandoning those who still live inside.  
Neighbors filled the corner of South 4th and Hooper streets, hoping that their cries don’t fall on deaf ears. Grassroots groups joining in the rally say that this practice is running rampant in the area, leaving many in jeopardy. They claim landlords aren’t putting these apartments on the market, hoping to cash on higher rents later on.  
For those living inside, they say that they aren’t accommodated with proper housing needs, often left with no heat and sometimes dealing with rats. They are calling on elected officials for new legislation that would protect tenants.  
“We need to pass legislation in Albany to require that landlords pay fines… when they leave apartments vacant,” said Council Member Lincoln Restler. “This is urgent. It will make a huge difference in addressing the affordability crisis that we face in NYC.”