Community mourns loss of 17-year-old Jadeden Sanchez

Family described Jadeden as a thoughtful, introspective young man. He suffered from a heart condition.

News 12 Staff

Jan 28, 2023, 3:35 AM

Updated 487 days ago


Bronx neighbors and loved ones gathered on Friday night to mourn the unexpected loss of 17-year-old Jadeden Sanchez.  
Sanchez was a student at All Hallows High School, and students and faculty joined family and loved ones to commemorate his life. His classmates spoke about his intellectual pursuits, and his parents revealed that he was admitted to Fordham University on a full scholarship.  
Family described Jadeden as a thoughtful, introspective young man. In his college essay, he spoke about how his love for magic made him realize that the impossible is possible, and inspired hope in him that his heart condition would be cured one day.  
The funeral home displayed lots of family photos and Spider-Man imagery, as the webslinging New Yorker was Sanchez’s favorite superhero.  
Despite being born with severe heart issues, Jadeden’s family told News 12 he was determined to find his own path in life.  
“We were all in awe of him when he just did a magic trick and he captivated a full room every time that he did it,” said Al Robles, Sanchez’s uncle. “I think that his legacy will continue… we will use him as someone who helps us keep our own sanity by just remembering a way that he could capture a moment and help you understand the importance of it.” 

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