Community mourns loss of NYPD Officer Alexis Martinez

New Yorkers came together on Thursday to mourn the loss of NYPD Officer Alexis Martinez, who was found fatally shot alongside his father on Wednesday.  
Martinez and his father were found with gunshot wounds to their heads on Wednesday afternoon. A vigil is being held in Soundview, outside of the apartment on Fteley Avenue where they were found dead.  
The late officer was given a dignified transfer on Wednesday, surrounded by his fellow officers – members of the Bronx narcotics unit that Martinez was a part of. 
The initial investigation shows that Martinez’s father was the one who pulled the trigger in this tragic incident. Martinez just celebrated his 26th birthday in July and joined the NYPD in 2018.  
Martinez’s fellow officers say that he was personable, always had a smile on his face, and was well-known and respected in the community.  
Police are still working to determine exactly what took place inside the apartment where he was found dead.