Commuters, advocates rally for changes to subway system

Residents were outside the Barclays Center subway station Sunday demanding investments into the city's subway system.
The Rider's Alliance and advocates from the Straphangers Campaign are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to make major changes.
Transit riders and subway advocates say after analyzing delay data for August, the Rider's Alliance found that signal problems caused morning rush hour delays on every day except for one. Aug. 23 was the only day of the month that did not have persistent signal problem.
Commuters remain frustrated with the situation a year after Cuomo announced a state of emergency for the subway and implemented the Subway Action Plan that was supposed to stabilize the system.
Subway advocates are now calling on the governor to "prioritize" congestion pricing to fund the modernization of the MTA.
Gov. Cuomo's office reached out to News 12 with a statement that said in part, "The governor single-handedly revived the idea of congestion pricing. He has been leading the charge to pass it and succeeded in securing the first phase this year. The Rider's Alliance time would be better spent convincing those who need convincing--members of the legislature and city hall."