Commuters call entrance to 180th St. subway station an eyesore

 Commuters in the Bronx are calling an historic landmark an eyesore and demanding action.
Commuters say the entrance to the 180th Street subway station looks terrible. They say the building itself is beautiful, but that the peeling paint makes it look horrible.
"This is a beautiful station," says Bernadette Ferrara, of the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance. "It's one of the best in the Bronx, and I feel that it's just not being maintained. A lot of people are seeing it too."
In 2013, the MTA set aside more than $66 million to restore the then-100-year-old historic landmark.
Ferrara says this isn't what one of the gateways of the neighborhood should look like.
MTA officials tell News 12 that a $2.3 million contract was awarded in April to repaint the building. The work is expected to begin at the end of this month and finish by February.