Commuters react to Increased MTA fare for buses and subways citywide

Monday marked the first official workday where commuters had to dig just a little bit deeper into their pockets for their daily subway or bus ride.  
Last Friday, New Yorkers were paying $2.75 per ride on the local bus or subway. Now, they’re paying $2.90.  
“I take the bus, train, Metro North… it’s kind of unfair,” said one commuter from the Bronx. “People are struggling to get to work as it is.” 
The last time fares were raised was in 2019, back when the MTA paused their bi-annual fare hike on subways and buses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
A 30-day unlimited pass increased by $5 to $132, and express bus rides saw a 25-cent increase from $6.75 to $7.  
The MTA is reminding New Yorkers about a program called Fair Fares that reduces the price on each ride of your daily commute if you qualify.  
To learn more about Fair Fares, click here.