Comptroller, others demand justice in Bronx shooting

More local officials joined a family Thursday to call for justice in the case of an off-duty cop fatally shooting an unarmed Bronx man.
"We need the powers that be, the police department and the district attorney's office, to conduct a rapid and thorough investigation," City Comptroller William Thompson Jr. said at the press conference.
Honduran Consul General Javier Hernandez said his community is angered over the loss of immigrant Fermin Arzu, 41. Officer Raphael Lora shot Arzu during an incident surrounding Arzu hitting a parked car on May 18.
Assemblyman Ruben Diaz Jr. agreed that the investigation was not moving fast enough. "We know he was unarmed. We know he's no longer with us. We know he was asked for his license and where do most of us keep our license? In our glove compartment," Diaz said, possibly suggesting that Arzu may have been shot while reaching for his identification.Officials at the press conference said while they trust the Bronx district attorney to prosecute the case, they are not ruling out the possibility of taking it to the federal level.
Bronx students also showed support for Arzu's family by staging a march down Longwood Avenue. They waived signs in front of the 41st Precinct and plan to hold a candlelit vigil Friday night at Hewitt Place and Westchester Avenue, where Arzu was killed.
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