Con Edison warns New Yorkers of 2023 price increases

Residents can expect to see their Con Edison bill increase substantially starting in January of 2023, according to the utility.
With the start of winter less than one week away, Con Edison is reminding customers to conserve energy during the cold months ahead.
Con Edison representatives advise New Yorkers to take some precautions this winter including:
•Setting the thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature
•Insulating hot-water pipes and warm-air ducts
•Cleaning and replacing filters for hot-air furnaces and heat pumps 
"There's so many people, especially here in my district, that live paycheck to paycheck," said Assembly member Kenny Burgos. "When you have groceries that have gone up, and other bills that have gone up, to then tack on a higher electricity bill really could put the nail in the coffin, so to speak."
In a press release, Con Edison said it projects that its average residential natural gas heating customer using an average of 165 therms per month will pay an average of $418.77 a month from November 2022 through March 2023. That’s 20.5 percent more than the average bill of $347.53 a year earlier.
The release added that supply costs will account for $50.01 of that $71.24 increase, while delivery charges will account for $21.23, under the company’s projections.
On Thursday, community members plan to hold rallies outside Con Edison headquarters in Manhattan and Brooklyn to express their concerns over the rate hikes.