Concerns of Latino community expressed at forum

Hundreds of Bronx residents turned out for a forum at Hostos Community College Friday to discuss issues affecting the Latino community.
Members of the community said the Latino Agenda 2008 forum was about moving forward and making their voices heard on issues like health care, lack of affordable housing and immigration.
Jose Rivera, the Bronx Democratic Party Chair addressed the forum. ?The Latino people, whether you live in the South Bronx, or whether you live in Suffolk County or California, we are concerned about what?s happening in this nation, and that?s what brings us here this afternoon,? Rivera said.
Community members and leaders expressed that basic needs of the community are not being met. They called for a common-sense approach to legislation for future politicians and administrations. They said the Latino community has the highest poverty rate and that they don?t believe the Bush administration?s No Child Left Behind Act addresses that issue.
Forum speakers did not discuss specific solutions, but said the Latino community needs to make its voice heard, educate itself and vote.
Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) was scheduled to attend the event but her flight was delayed.