Coney Island school parents calling for principal to be removed

Some parents who have children attending a public school in Coney Island are calling for the removal of the school’s principal after claims that the principal does not handle bullying incidents properly or enforce academic policies.  
The petition on has already reached 500 signatures, urging the Department of Education to remove principal Greta Hawkins from P.S. 90 in Brooklyn.  
The principal has made headlines in the past decade multiple times for her conduct, and several parents told News 12 their children were being bullied in the classroom, and that the administration does not work to remedy these situations.  
"It's complete disrespect and disregard, the safety of their children is in jeopardy and their education. You know, we bring our kids to school thinking that they're happy, safe, learning, thriving, and were finding out that's not the case,” said concerned parent Maria Montalvo. 
The Department of Education provided the following statement about the petition:  
"A safe and supportive environment for every member of our school communities is a cornerstone of success, and a top priority at New York City Public Schools. The district superintendent is engaging with families, and providing support to staff while we continue to foster learning and growth for students." 
Parents say they plan to hold a protest in the coming weeks.