Construction efforts underway to fix massive Bay Ridge sinkhole

Construction workers were on the scene in Bay Ridge working to fix a massive sinkhole that opened up in the middle of a Bay Ridge street.
The sinkhole takes up over half of the road on Sixth Avenue. According to the FDNY, the sinkhole is 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep. The Department of Environmental Protection says the sinkhole was caused by a break in the sewer line that has since been fixed.  
Crews on the scene are working to fix the hole, and people in the neighborhood are waiting for it to be repaired – with some saying they’ve seen other road issues in the past. 
“As you can see, we cannot go anywhere, we can’t drive anywhere, we’re just sitting until they finished,” says Omar Skaff. “This is the first time that big. On Sixth Avenue, we notice all the time dipping in the ground and they keep patching it and stuff like that but not like this."   
Residents are unable to access their cars, and some went hours without water and even without electricity in some cases. 
Construction workers on the site tell News 12 that there is no official timetable yet on when the road reconstruction will be finished.