Construction machine collapses on Bronx home

A piece of construction machinery fell on top of a home on Colden Avenue. 
It happened around 2 p.m. Monday. Multiple streets near Boston Road were blocked off to clear the scene. Officials told News 12 that no one was inside the home at the time the machine collapsed.
The tool, a pile driver, remains on top of the house at this time. The Department of Buildings told News 12 that the pile driver was being used at a construction site next door. They say the machine damaged the third floor of the home and crushed the second-floor balcony.   
Signs posted outside the site say a residential building was being built next door. The sister of the owner of the building says her brother had just rented out the house just over a month ago. 
“I’ve never seen this happen in my life,” said Cecilia Brown, sister of the homeowner. “They just moved and got the house rented, and now the house got damaged… it’s just a shock to all of us.” 
The Department of Buildings and other city agencies are working to determine what led to the collapse.
The piece of machinery has since been removed.