Construction workers are now cleaners in ‘Corona Clean NYC’ project

A local construction company is finding new ways to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, replacing the hard hats and hammers for hazmat gear. 
Instead of sitting back and watching as his construction company went out of business, David Shmaya had an idea. He transformed his business to Corona Clean NYC, a cleaning service to disinfect homes and offices from COVID-19. 
"I started taking action, figuring out what type of gear we need, what type of equipment,” said Shmaya. 
The business also offers free services to those on the front lines. 
"EMS trucks or let's say if it's a dispatcher or let's say even a clinic or any services that actually need that they have patients going in and they need disinfecting,” said Shmaya. 
While they say it's been an adjustment and was even a bit scary at first for some employees, they're grateful to still be working disinfecting buildings, or even just giving homeowners some peace of mind. 
"If you have to leave the house, when you come back into the home you should do like a hazmat decontamination. You should have clothes for outside and clothes for inside,” said Shmaya. 
The construction workers-turned-cleaners say it's really nice to be able to get their hands dirty during a difficult time like this.