Coronavirus in NY: Dozens stand in line for testing ahead of Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws closer, there are growing concerns about an increase in coronavirus cases.
The holiday is considered to be the busiest traveling period of the year, but with New York continuing to see a rise in positive cases, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is asking New Yorkers to think twice about visiting friends and relatives.
Gov. Cuomo is worried that traveling will only add to the high infection rates we're seeing now. But even though this is a concern, people who were in line for COVID-19 testing in Boerum Hill say getting a test is one of the ways they're hoping to curb spreading the virus.
"I think if you get tested and quarantine yourself, you take all the precautions. I know with my family, we'll be eating in the garage early on so not in an enclosed area, as long as there's air circulation, everybody's wearing a mask after eating, face shield, and just taking the necessary steps and everybody getting tested before, i think mitigates the risk of exposing each other,” a resident tells News 12.
Mayor Bill de Blasio also spoke out on the increase of COVID-19 cases.
He says New Yorkers need to do everything possible to avoid a second wave. As for now, schools are closed but he says constant testing will be an important factor in getting them reopened.