Council Member Treyger pushes for city to vaccinate more homebound seniors

City Council Member Mark Treyger is pushing for the city to do more to get vaccines in the arms of homebound seniors. 
Treyger says many elderly New Yorkers who can’t leave their homes are being left out of the vaccine process. 
Treyger says his office has been inundated with calls. “I am being told there are people staying up until one o'clock in the morning. We are not talking about shopping for a Playstation, we are talking about a lifesaving vaccine,” says Treyger. 
He’s introduced a seven-point plan to streamline the vaccine process for elderly New Yorkers and homebound residents. 
It consists of appointing a vaccine czar, creating partnerships with senior providers for outreach, establishing senior-only hours at vaccine sites, and creating a vaccine hotline for the elderly and bilingual New Yorkers. 
The plan would partner with community-based organizations, implementing a senior-friendly online portal to schedule appointments and expand city services to offer vaccine delivery to homebound seniors. 
Treyger says he has also reached out to the de Blasio administration.