Councilman Alan Maisel calls on city to free up parking spaces in Brooklyn

Councilman Alan Maisel is calling on the city to step up towing and free up parking spaces in Brooklyn neighborhoods.
It's no secret that parking in Brooklyn can sometimes be a challenge, and it's become even more of a problem for some because of neglected cars. Maisel says cars are neglected and are taking up valuable parking spots. Maisel says some of the cars are even left with expired registrations or none at all.
Maisel says it's been a growing issue and is plaguing neighborhoods like Canarsie and Mill Basin. He says without alternate side parking there's no threat of getting a ticket, which is why so many of cars sit idle and untouched.
Maisels says a solution may be to raise the fees for retrieving the cars once they're towed, in hope that it'll be high enough to deter people from storing them on the streets.