Councilman calls for Brooklyn architect to lose license

City Councilman Bill De Blasio is seeking help from the state in an effort to stop an architect he says has been designing illegal buildings.
De Blasio is asking the state to revoke Robert Scarano?s license. He says the architect has been abusing a process called ?self-certification.? The self-certification process essentially puts an architect on an honor system to ensure his or her designs are legal.
Scarano is no longer allowed the right to self-certify, but De Blasio is calling for stronger penalties against the architect.
Brooklyn officials claim one Scarano-designed building violated zoning codes when it was designed to be 16 stories tall. Residents are complaining that many of Scarano?s designs ignore the typical low-rise characteristics of Williamsburg.
When reached for comment, one of Scarano?s employees hung up on representatives from News 12 Brooklyn.