Couple advocates to require annual inspections of steam radiators

The bill is currently in the Committee on Housing and Buildings.

Nadia Galindo

Jun 8, 2024, 2:43 AM

Updated 7 days ago


The parents of a baby that died after a steam radiator malfunctioned are now fighting to see a newly introduced bill become law in New York City in an effort to save lives.
Alex and Bessie Kuravsky have a corner of their dining room dedicated to 11-month-old Binyomin Zachariah, who died last January in their Midwood apartment after suffering severe burns from a malfunctioning steam radiator.
They've since moved to Marine Park with their infant twins as they try and keep Binyomin's memory alive.
"We dont want to constantly focus on the pain and suffering that we are in but we do want to have justice for Binyomin, and the ultimate justice is we get to change the laws and save lives," said Alex Kuravsky.
The couple is a step closer to that goal as Ben Z's law was introduced as a bill in the New York City Council last month by Council Member Farah Louis.
"Currently in the city of new york steam radiators do not have to be inspected so this bill creates a space for that annually for steam radiators to have inspections in apartments with children under the age of 6," said Louis.
The inspections would need to be conducted by or under the supervision of a licensed plumber
Building or homeowners would be required to provide inspection reports to the NYC Buildings Department and owners would be liable for civil penalties for failing to comply with this requirement.
"A lot of these buildings are very old so the radiators are old so we have to keep track of that," said Louis.
The Kuravskys are pushing the NYC Council to pass this bill before next winter. They've even started an online petition.
The bill is currently in the Committee on Housing and Buildings.

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