Court proves massive hemp shipment to Brooklyn CBD business was legal

Tuesday was a victory for a man who was facing charges in connection with a massive shipment that the NYPD seized and said was marijuana.
Prosecutors dropped the charges Tuesday against Ronen Levy, who was originally accused of having more than 100 pounds of marijuana.

The shipment was tested by the district attorney’s office, showing that is was in fact legal hemp with low THC levels.
The shipment - weighing more than 100 pounds may have mistaken for the pot plant by police - but the district attorney's office says tests came back showing it was in fact legal hemp with low THC levels.
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It all started about a month ago when officers in the 75th Precinct confiscated a 106-pound shipment they thought was illegal marijuana. The shipment was heading to Green Angel CBD, a business in East New York selling CBD oil vapes and flowers.

Oren Levy is the owner of the business and says he talked to police about getting the shipment back. He sent his brother Ronen levy to pick it up, but instead Ronen was arrested.
Throughout the case, the brothers maintained the shipment had proper documentation showing the plants were legally purchased from a farm in Vermont.
The brothers say their main concern now is that the product is still good. If it isn’t, it could cost the business thousands of dollars.
Oren says the product is valued at anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000.
The district attorney’s office says they're not asking that it be held, but ultimately it will be up to the NYPD and the Department of Agriculture to decide if the plants will be returned.