Crotona Park hosts annual Old Timers Day

Dozens of families and community members are descending on Crotona Park for the annual Old Timers Day.
This year is the 53rd installment of the event, drawing people from all over the city and elsewhere to celebrate. But when you hear the term old timers, it may not be what you think.
"By the name Old Timers Day, younger people may feel it's just for older people but they have to realize that one day if they live long enough, they will cross the same path,” says George Johnson, singer of the Working Class Band.
One resident says her mother would bring her to the park to celebrate every year. Now that her mom has died, she’s continuing the tradition. It’s a day of reflection, family and gratitude for many.
The event brings crowds together every first Sunday in August to sing, dance, play cards and enjoy company of friends.