Crown Heights community rallies to support teen victim of gang assault

Crown Heights residents rallied on Saturday to show support for a 15-year-old girl who police say was the victim of a gang assault on Thursday.
Community members and even members of the victim's family spoke out.
They said they are outraged, heartbroken and feel the community as a whole must do more to make the streets safer.
Members of the victim's family said they want justice.
“We have to take control as a community. Enough is enough,” said Jacqueline Hamilton, the victim's aunt.
“My granddaughter, her spirits are broken. My heart is broken,” said the victim's grandmother, Pamela Thompson, as she sobbed.
Five of the attackers turned themselves in to police, but police said they are still searching for the others involved.
Others who spoke at the rally said the young men allegedly involved need to face justice in the beating of a girl who was an innocent victim.
Thompson told News 12 that her granddaughter suffered a concussion and bruises throughout her body, but is currently recovering.