Crown Heights garden aims to save 80-year-old tree from being torn down

An 80-year-old tree could become a victim of gentrification after the land it sits on was sold to a developer.
The 80-foot-tall weeping willow has been a mainstay of calm and beauty for those that live near the Imani Community Garden in Crown Heights on Schenectady Avenue.
Its place in the garden is in jeopardy after the city sold its portion of the lot that the tree sits on to someone that plans to develop the land into an apartment building.
Members of the garden have responded, asking the developer to swap the lot with the tree for another one in the garden. They are also holding a fundraiser to bring in $500,000 to try and buy the lot from the developer.
The developer who represents the investors in the lot told a local newspaper that they had no idea what was on the land when they bought it. They say if they had known, they would have avoided the situation.