Crown Heights residents rally, call on President Joe Biden’s administration for change

Groups rallied in Crown Heights Wednesday calling for change from the Biden and Harris administration -- saying they have a list of items they want the 46th president to address.
Although it may be President Joe Biden's first day in office, residents in Crown Heights gathered on the corner of Franklin Avenue and St. John's Place to voice that work needs to be done on a wide range of issues.
Demonstrators marched from Franklin Avenue toward Grand Army Plaza. They asked for the NYPD to change its ways, accusing them of harassing protesters on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
They say their grievances aren't just with the police department and were also calling for equal treatment for Black and brown people when it comes to pay and job opportunities.
Groups like Nameless Collective also asked for rent cancellation, education for all and defunding police to be addressed.
"We have to start from the bottom up to the top. Even though Biden is in office now, there's a lot of work to be done," says Chris Campbell, of Parkchester.
Attendees say they felt a heavy police presence at the rally was unnecessary.
Although they are optimistic about this new presidency, many say they are still skeptical about progress being made.