Crown Heights salon launches beauty day contest for women suffering from hair loss

A hair salon in Brooklyn is giving back to those suffering from hair loss in the community in a very special way.
Alter Image Salon in Crown Heights launched a beauty day competition on Instagram to help women with hair loss.
Clients were able to nominate themselves or someone else suffering from severe hair loss to win a paid spa day and new wig.
"I was worried of what people would think about me losing the hair, so I just kept it quiet. It's a way of life now,” says Karlene Christie, salon beauty day winner.

Christie is exactly the type of person that Alter Image Salon was looking to help with their beauty day giveaway.

"After spending so much time with countless hair-loss customers and clients, it was just something that I felt like I really had to do,” says Donna Prescott, owner of Alter Image Salon.

Christie is the salon's February winner. She says she started losing her hair 15 years ago.

"There's still no treatment, no cure for it, so I just decided that I'm not going to be depressed anymore about it,” says Christie.

Christie says she's had biopsies, tests and treatments and doctors don't know what has caused it and nothing has worked to stop her hair from falling out.

"I'm just going to better myself from now on, stay positive and keep my head up and do me,” says Christie.

Christie said she suffered from depression and stressed about her hair loss and is happy she doesn't have to feel that way anymore.

"I'm looking beautiful and I'm very thankful, very thankful,” says Christie.

The March beauty day giveaway will be posted on the salon's Instagram page on March 1 and the winner will be chosen on March 3.