Crown Heights Street named after man killed by police

A street in Crown Heights has been named in honor of a man who was killed by police last year.
Eudes Pierre, 26, died in a police-involved shooting after authorities responded to a report of a mentally disturbed man near the Utica Avenue Subway Station on Dec. 30, 2021. Investigators say that call was made by Pierre himself.
Body cam videos released earlier this year show officers trying to catch Pierre, whose family says was previously diagnosed with a mental illness.
Officers say they used a stun gun to try to stop him after he refused to drop the kitchen knife he was holding. Eventually, police say he charged at them, which is when they began to open fire
Police have called the incident a "suicide by cop," but his family now says they are taking legal action against the city.
“Today we are filling a lawsuit for damages against the city of New York and the New York City Police Department for the wrongful death of this emotionally disturbed young man,” said family attorney Sanford Rubenstein.
A spokesperson for the New York City Law Department has said that they will review the case.
Pierre's family is also gathering signatures to introduce the "Eudes Pierre Law" to ensure mental health specialists respond to 911 calls immediately, followed by emergency medical personal and then police as a last resort.
“They should ask if the person has a history of mental health episodes and if they do, immediately, EMT and social workers should be sent out to them so that they get the proper help that they need,” said Pierre’s cousin.