Crown Heights tenants demand landlord fix building from unlivable conditions

More than a dozen Crown Heights tenants rallied Sunday for action from their landlord who they said has left them to live in deplorable conditions.
They rallied outside the residential apartment building at 1074 Eastern Parkway.
They said the inside of the building is unlivable and cited it as their reason for launching a rent strike.
Their complaints include mold, roaches, rodents and structural issues like windows that do not close.
They said the landlord does not properly take care of the building. That is why they called for the passage of the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act.
It's legislation that would allow them to purchase the building and turn it into a co-op, which would allow them to stay in the building rather than possibly being forced out.
Tenants said they plan on filing the lawsuit against the property manager in the coming days.
News 12 reached out to the building's owner, Rikud Realty, for comment but have yet to hear back.