Culinary program graduates make healthy meals for those in need

Graduates of a free culinary program in Brownsville are now using their skills in the kitchen to make sure people don't go hungry.
This is all a part of the Meals For All BK campaign that was started by organization Collective Fare. Co-owner Latoya Meaders realized early on that families were going to face a tough time in the coming months due to the coronavirus pandemic. 
“We knew food insecurity was a huge thing already in this community,” said Meaders. 
They are working with the Brownsville Community Culinary Center and are now producing 700 meals daily.  They go from local family shelters to essential workers on the front line of the pandemic. 
“The need has increased tremendously. Listen, my phone rings every day at least 20 to 30 to 40 times,” said Meaders. 
The effort is not only providing food for those in need, but also is providing jobs, as the the chefs are graduates from the culinary center.