Cuomo, de Blasio urge NYers to keep holiday plans local to restrain COVID-19 spread

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo both urged people to cancel their travel plans for the holidays and avoid small gatherings during their press conferences Monday morning.
Dr. Anthony Fauci joined Cuomo to talk about the recent surge in COVID-19 case and the flex plan to redouble efforts at hospitals. He called on hospitals to increase their bed capacity by 25%.
Fauci says noncompliance in safety practices for the holidays could lead to large COVID-19 spike in January.
According to de Blasio's office, New York City has had 144 new hospital admissions in the five boroughs. The number of new cases, which includes confirmed and probable cases, is 2,180.
The mayor also reported that the seven-day average positivity rate is 4.98%.
De Blasio and Cuomo both emphasized the importance of following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines as the nation waits for the vaccine.
The governor also called on retired nurses and doctors to return to service.