City and statewide vaccine sites to become available to all eligible New Yorkers Wednesday

New Yorkers will have a lot more options as to where they get their vaccine starting Wednesday.
All city and statewide vaccine sites will become available to all residents eligible for the vaccine.
Prior to this, sites would accept people based on where they live or the reason they are eligible.
Officials in New York are also beginning to focus on those who can’t get to a designated site.
Mayor Bill de Blasio is encouraging elderly or disabled people to reach out so the city can bring the vaccine to those that can’t leave their house.
"Whether they are senior citizens, or they are disabled, whatever the reason, we will reach them," de Blasio says. "Our goal is to reach everyone who is homebound and wants to be vaccinated by the end of April."
All public facing essential workers like social service caseworkers and sanitation workers also become eligible for the vaccine on Wednesday.