Cuomo orders New York City to stop indoor dining as coronavirus cases rise

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered indoor dining in New York City to be halted on Monday.

News 12 Staff

Dec 11, 2020, 10:08 PM

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered indoor dining in New York City to be halted on Monday.
The governor announced the restriction during a news conference, citing the Centers for Disease Control's warning against density and the rate of transmission.
He says that coronavirus cases are continuing to climb in the city and he wants to avoid a full-scale shutdown.
Cuomo says that outdoor dining and takeout will continue to be allowed across the five boroughs.
As the Food and Drug Administration announced its plan to approve the emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine, both the governor and Mayor Bill de Blasio are focusing on distributing the vaccine fairly to communities that were hit the hardest during the pandemic.
The city will be opening a Vaccine Command Center right across from City Hall. The center's primary focus will be to keep track of how the vaccine is being administered all across the city.
De Blasio says it will also work on building trust within communities and making sure people get the right information they need to get vaccinated.
City officials also said they plan to work with different departments, including NYCHA and social services.
Cuomo also says his important to focus on hospital capacity and ensure they don't get overcrowded.
The governor also agrees with the mayor on creating a strong and equal distribution plan.
Cuomo also says people should continue to exercise caution while celebrating the holidays.
He says New York residents should continue to get tested for the coronavirus.

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