Cuomo releases guidelines for schools in red, orange micro-cluster zones to reopen

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has released guidelines for schools in red and orange micro-cluster zones to reopen.
Some of the protocols that must be followed include testing both students and staff for COVID- 19 and following strict guidelines once they reopen.
This comes as an effort to keep schools in those areas open for in-person classes.
For a school to reopen, they must stay closed for at least four days after the zone designation is announced and ensure that no one enters the school without first receiving a negative test result.
Once open, 25% of the in-person learning community must be tested each week.
The governor's guidelines also include contact tracing, and he says the state will provide rapid test kits for schools, if requested.
Some Borough Park parents tell News 12 they're grateful that their children’s schools will reopen. Others tell News 12 they're opting for 100% remote learning.