Cuomo: Vaccine distribution effort to begin next week

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlined the city and state's vaccine distribution plan Wednesday morning in preparation for the FDA's emergency use authorization of the Pfizer vaccine in the U.S.
Officials are optimistic the vaccine, 10 months into the pandemic, will be the cure needed to help stop the spread.
The governor and mayor both addressed what the next couple of months could look like when the vaccine makes it way to New York. The city health commissioner says the first dose has positive results with minor side effects.
Health and city officials will be focusing on a vaccine distribution plan next week, which includes storing the vaccine safely. Cuomo says the priority is getting people on board to take the vaccine, adding there will be an outreach effort to the Black and brown communities regardless of legal status.
Deliveries of the vaccine are expected to start as soon as next week and there should be enough to cover all residents, according to the governor.