Winter weather adds insult to injury as indoor dining ban goes into effect

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new ban on indoor dining in the city officially went into effect Monday, and upcoming winter weather isn't making the change any easier.
Restaurants are now being forced to focus on outdoor dining, but that could also be in danger this winter.
The city's Department of Sanitation has released guidelines that will impact restaurants whenever the city gets wintry weather.
They say this year they'll be issuing two types of advisories; winter operations advisories and snow alerts.
New York City is currently under a winter operation advisory, which means there isn't more than an inch of an accumulation from rain and snow, so outdoor dining can continue.
The Department of Sanitation says roadway dining during the snow alert must close by 2 p.m. Wednesday to protect the safety of patrons.
If the DSNY issues a snow alert and there is an inch or more of snow in the forecast, then outdoor dining must close. If the forecast calls for 12 inches or more, then restaurants will have to take down their outdoor structures completely.
Business owners tell News 12 they are frustrated by the new rules, but outdoor dining is able to continue on Monday.