DA: Brooklyn man sentenced to life for deadly armed robbery, shooting in East Williamsburg

The defendant, Ramel Chapman was found guilty after a trial in February.

Adolfo Carrion

Apr 23, 2024, 10:44 PM

Updated 28 days ago


A man from Boerum Hill has been sentenced to life without parole for a deadly armed robbery and shooting spree that took place in East Williamsburg.
Police say Ramel Chapman walked up to a Ford Mustang at the corner of Morgan Avenue and Stagg Street and demanded cash. When the people in the Mustang said no, he pulled the trigger, killing one person.
Court documents say that Chapman then struck the driver with the butt of the pistol and stole the driver and passenger's chains. Chapman then targeted a third victim via armed robbery.
The defendant was found guilty after a trial in February.

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